exit babylon

exit babylon
last chance to exit babylon

Thursday, June 9, 2011

freewill and the return to innocence

freewill, to use or abuse
everyone has freewill to do whatever
this is the truth
you could call this "will"  LIFE
life is a gift, you got it for free
you cannot deny you have it, reasonably
you may choose to use your freewill to do good
YaHUaH will allow those that do to keep doing so
He will allow (He lives with)
they that will act in love to ALL others
they are those who will live

its ok to question authority
those willing to receive the Truth will be happy with freewill

freewill can do anything it chooses
to be aware of the consequences is healthy..
when you've seen the worst freewill can do
just look around.. see the trash, perversion and violence?
all are the result of freewill

why we need YAH to guide us, is obvious now
YAH can do anything, but He only does what is GOOD for everyone
be like Him and live

Yahushua the Messiah returns soon
peace and love in His service
please come with us
we are zion

Saturday, June 4, 2011

good times, bad times, YAH is always there

zion our 2ndday BR #3/3  (babylon-saturnday-4-june-2011)

tonight we are inside
but usually we are sleeping under a large tree
with branches like arms that reach almost to the ground
its beautiful most nights
the cars drive by
leaves rustle with critters
the other night a coyote happened by too
but it still feels lonely even with others sometimes
the best part is YahYah is always there
HE is faithful though when i'm not

*      *      *       *          *       * *  *

zion our newmoon-day ARw #1/3   (babylon-friday-3-june-2011)

a walk in the park
a rabbit
a snake escaping its hole
three ravens dancing in the wind
enjoying some shade at the base of a tree
we happened upon a year long treasure hunt
feeling blessed to be a part of it
if only for a minute
later while wondering on the birds happy chattering
YahYah impressed me with the thought of
how HE loves the sound of the voice of HIS children
and i was reminded to pay attention to my own voice
to speak in a tone of my own choosing

*        *          *       *         *         **

zion our 7thday ARw #29/2  (babylon-thursday-2-june-2011)

we are sitting in front of one
but we are not empty buildings
just a few yards away
on the same grass as we're sitting
munching her fill, a small size bunny
she in a shadow while we're in the sunshine
a sign says pico canyon road not too far in the distance
and as people drive by they don't see what i'm witnessing

after thought: don't be empty buildings.. let your FATHER YAH in!

*        *        *       *      *      *   **

zion our 4thday AR #26/2   (babylon-thursday-2-june-2011)

church at mcdonalds
parking lot on the old road
after sunrise in the morning
its been nearly everyday
you see they have a bathroom
and man do you need one
when your camping in the city

*       *       *        *         *       *

zion our 7thday AR #22/2  (babylon-thorsday-26-may-2011)

something is blooming on the hillside along i5
some sort of desert flower out of a spiny bush
it rained here sorta late in the year
its pretty
one massive stalk
at the top many gorgeous white heads
some in full bloom
some soon will be
you'd need an axe to pick this flower!

*       *       *      *       *    *   *

zion our 4thday AR #19/2   (babylon-monday-23-may-2011)

before many days near
stevenson ranch
we all were about to take the mark before we were woken up
a red dragon fly came by for a visit on a nearby bush
across the street some men are up to something

*      *       *     *         *         *      *

zion our 2ndday AR #17/2   (babylon-saturnday-21-may-2011)

a lady at mcdonalds we've been at almost daily
asked today why we are still here
i told her my boss hadn't told me to go yet
now outside we're thinking about signals from YAH
and how we don't know what we're looking for
but we do know when we get it

later a bus backed into the parking spot near us
the side said new hope
one beautiful servant of YahYah prays with us
out of more than a dozen that got off the bus
we sat just a few yards from them
reading the Word

everyday a blank page

we are going home

peace and love in HIS service