exit babylon

exit babylon
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Friday, February 15, 2019

Rest in Peace

Because we're
multifaceted being.
Spiritual alive in the physical.
In a flesh house i dwell.
Two sided body.
Left and right
arms and legs.
Under one head.
Inside a throne.
Inside beats a heart
just on the daily.
Since it started.
Then stops.
Dust to dust.
Rest in peace.
It is said for us.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Cut the meat small

If you want to get more veggies somewhere you know people don't normally tolerate veggies, you have to cut them small.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

circles of vision

My vision stops
I cannot see what's behind of me
I think this common lack of 360 degree vision is (part of) why Yahshua sent them out two by two.
Back to back, side to side
With two or more, a more whole view.

This came to me while listening to traffic go by behind me. I had wanted to sit in the sunlight.. it can feel quite warm in Colorado when the sun is shining on a winter's day. The clouds come here a lot, but they do not always drop something (rain or snow). 
I was sitting there thinking how the sound of traffic doesn't really bother me, as long as I can't see it. No visual image to enter more sensory information.. Sight unseen the noise just reminded me of a different kind of sea. 

I was on a hill, not far from the road, maybe little more than twenty feet, facing away from it where I sat on the ground; I could hear the sounds of, but could not see the vehicles going by even in my peripheral vision. I'm thinking about how I'm not really in danger and therefore feel safe, and I live in a country where right now many of us walk around in concrete jungles feeling relatively "safe".. I thought about how not being able to see all around us, makes one vulnerable. Hence the train of thought going to the buddy system (and then the buddy system times ten, and so on, a nation of buddies), and Yahshua's command. He sent them out two by two, He gathered them in numbers, He bid them sit down.  

An older account in the written record came to mind.. How Ruth and Naomie remained together while both lacked a husband.. how two sisters are safer together, in the world, as they make their way back to family. Yah's family includes many couples who work together. And when men are unmarried, two brothers are safer going out together to carry out the King's business. 

This buddy principle is seen throughout. Adam should not be alone.  And When men work together to build, they can build amazing structures, of course the massive relics from bygone days still seen in the present, leftover pyramids and such, were built by slaves, forced to work together. Imagine what could be built by Yah's people if they worked together. Could they restore the old paths to walk in?