exit babylon

exit babylon
last chance to exit babylon

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

we don't clock out

we're on all the time,
there is no clocking out.
there are no set hours,
it might be day, it might be night,
watchman, look out.
when you're awake, you work.
there may not be a paycheck
to account for the time;
but it is counted..
like the hairs on a head.
no number is an accident.
life is mathematical precision
all around us.
some find in the anomalies
enough improbabilities
to give them proof.
and isn't that ironic.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

hear me

you will never meet Yah 
face to face
until you meet Him 
in the secret place

the sacred space
of your inner being
where two become one 

the kingdom starts inside

the energy of your existence
powered ultimately by Him
and given 
as LIFE unto you

you may do your own choosing
you may call it "free-will"
it sounds better 
than responsibility

you may choose 
to enter 
into the garden enclosed
the choice always 
is always yours.


if you don't know 
what I'm speaking of, 
no fear
we all 
have much to learn


Monday, November 7, 2016

gray areas

nothing is totally black and white
look closer at zebra
she'll sing the same song
in the color of her
you'll be seeing

things, people, reality
all are complex
breathing spirit
morphing at will

unaware so often
of their freedom
their Gift
the ultimate offering from
A LORD unto a lamb.

this thing is living
it's a ride and we're on it
with way more control than
they'd like us to know

we can change the channel
we can change the world
we don't have to buy their bullshit