exit babylon

exit babylon
last chance to exit babylon

Thursday, August 4, 2011

zion arise

watchman look out
soon the King will come
Yahushua King of Zion
israel (here we are)
brothers sisters
we are almost home
come praise the Father
call out Thy Kingdom come
on earth as it is in Zion
Zion the Kingdom of YaHUaH
zion the body of the Messiah
zion we are the bride of Yahushua
we're in Him
in Yahushua the Messiah
He married us
we are zion
in love

Thursday, June 9, 2011

freewill and the return to innocence

freewill, to use or abuse
everyone has freewill to do whatever
this is the truth
you could call this "will"  LIFE
life is a gift, you got it for free
you cannot deny you have it, reasonably
you may choose to use your freewill to do good
YaHUaH will allow those that do to keep doing so
He will allow (He lives with)
they that will act in love to ALL others
they are those who will live

its ok to question authority
those willing to receive the Truth will be happy with freewill

freewill can do anything it chooses
to be aware of the consequences is healthy..
when you've seen the worst freewill can do
just look around.. see the trash, perversion and violence?
all are the result of freewill

why we need YAH to guide us, is obvious now
YAH can do anything, but He only does what is GOOD for everyone
be like Him and live

Yahushua the Messiah returns soon
peace and love in His service
please come with us
we are zion

Saturday, June 4, 2011

good times, bad times, YAH is always there

zion our 2ndday BR #3/3  (babylon-saturnday-4-june-2011)

tonight we are inside
but usually we are sleeping under a large tree
with branches like arms that reach almost to the ground
its beautiful most nights
the cars drive by
leaves rustle with critters
the other night a coyote happened by too
but it still feels lonely even with others sometimes
the best part is YahYah is always there
HE is faithful though when i'm not

*      *      *       *          *       * *  *

zion our newmoon-day ARw #1/3   (babylon-friday-3-june-2011)

a walk in the park
a rabbit
a snake escaping its hole
three ravens dancing in the wind
enjoying some shade at the base of a tree
we happened upon a year long treasure hunt
feeling blessed to be a part of it
if only for a minute
later while wondering on the birds happy chattering
YahYah impressed me with the thought of
how HE loves the sound of the voice of HIS children
and i was reminded to pay attention to my own voice
to speak in a tone of my own choosing

*        *          *       *         *         **

zion our 7thday ARw #29/2  (babylon-thursday-2-june-2011)

we are sitting in front of one
but we are not empty buildings
just a few yards away
on the same grass as we're sitting
munching her fill, a small size bunny
she in a shadow while we're in the sunshine
a sign says pico canyon road not too far in the distance
and as people drive by they don't see what i'm witnessing

after thought: don't be empty buildings.. let your FATHER YAH in!

*        *        *       *      *      *   **

zion our 4thday AR #26/2   (babylon-thursday-2-june-2011)

church at mcdonalds
parking lot on the old road
after sunrise in the morning
its been nearly everyday
you see they have a bathroom
and man do you need one
when your camping in the city

*       *       *        *         *       *

zion our 7thday AR #22/2  (babylon-thorsday-26-may-2011)

something is blooming on the hillside along i5
some sort of desert flower out of a spiny bush
it rained here sorta late in the year
its pretty
one massive stalk
at the top many gorgeous white heads
some in full bloom
some soon will be
you'd need an axe to pick this flower!

*       *       *      *       *    *   *

zion our 4thday AR #19/2   (babylon-monday-23-may-2011)

before many days near
stevenson ranch
we all were about to take the mark before we were woken up
a red dragon fly came by for a visit on a nearby bush
across the street some men are up to something

*      *       *     *         *         *      *

zion our 2ndday AR #17/2   (babylon-saturnday-21-may-2011)

a lady at mcdonalds we've been at almost daily
asked today why we are still here
i told her my boss hadn't told me to go yet
now outside we're thinking about signals from YAH
and how we don't know what we're looking for
but we do know when we get it

later a bus backed into the parking spot near us
the side said new hope
one beautiful servant of YahYah prays with us
out of more than a dozen that got off the bus
we sat just a few yards from them
reading the Word

everyday a blank page

we are going home

peace and love in HIS service

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

one who is not fearful


jonah 1:2
"arise, go to ... that great city and cry against it, for their wickedness has come up before Me."

did jonah think the job was too big, or not right for him?

jonah didn't pray, but decided to flee from YAH, causing great calamity to fall on those he hid with. (jonah 1:4)

jonah asks the pagans to throw him into the raging sea (jonah 1:12). 
did jonah want to die rather than deliver his message?  did he forget the mighty strength of his Father?

jonah 1:17
"and Yahuah appointed a great fish to swallow jonah, and jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights."

and then jonah finally prays to YAH.

jonah 2:2
"and i called out to Yahuah in my distress, and He answered me."

praise YAH!  YAH chases after us!  YAH wouldn't let jonah go.  Hallelujah!!

may we learn from jonah, and not flee from our calling.  and always remember to pray first!

peace and love in His service

Monday, February 14, 2011

today in ancient babylon, from yesterday the fear

skill of the wise men proving ineffectual, Daniel is sent for to interpret the dream. Its signification filled him with astonishment, and "his thoughts troubled him." Daniel 5:6. He faithfully told the king that the fate of the tree was emblematic of his own downfall; that he would lose his reason... He urged the proud monarch to repent and turn to [Yahuwah], and by good works avert the threatened calamity. But the king's heart had become hardened, and he felt independent of [Yahuwah]."     -review and herald, 1881

daniel asked the king to change his mind about the course of action he was taking.   the king was warned he would be humiliated if he would not change his ways.   it is revealed the ultimate choice is change or death, and if in humiliation we are changed (not enraged), then some would say its worth it, to end up humbled instead of dead.  

"Behold, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of Yahuwah."  Daniel 3:25.

YAH placed HIMSELF in the furnace with HIS sons.  that time those guys lived through it.   but i'm pretty sure YAH places HIMSELF there when they die too.  i've heard stories of saints singing while being burned at the stake.  i've heard that once upon a time the more saints the enemy killed the more they multiplied.    all this reminds me that its a good day to die.

"The Jewish captive stands before the monarch of the most powerful empire the sun had ever shone upon. The king is in great distress amid all his riches and glory; but the youthful exile is peaceful and happy in his [Yahuah]."    review and herald, 1881

the peace daniel had then can be ours today.   it comes when you live by faith in YAHs care and mercy.   the history recorded in daniel teaches us to care enough for our body not to defile it, but not enough to try and save it.

"thou o king hast made a decree, that every man... shall fall down and worship the image which thou hast set up." Daniel 3:10.

beware of laws passed by man in "authority" that mock the authority of JAH.  that includes the leader of your nation.  how many of the ancient babylonians who fell down before the statue of old were actually worshiping it?   how many truly thought the statue was g-d?    the portion of the population that weren't brain-washed zombies probably only did it so they wouldn't get in trouble.   or in this case so they wouldn't get burned to death by their arrogant snob of a king.   

so what seems to be the major lesson?    ----->  think before obey.  

now are we ready for history to repeat itself again?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

how does a sheep work among wolves?

*note* This old post is in the process of being updated, to make clearer that which could be easily misunderstood..

Yahushua says He sends us out as sheep among wolves. 

Is He telling us to get the wolves attention?  Is He asking the sheep to "wake" the wolves up?  To try to stop them?  Change them?  

"Let them alone.  They are blind leaders of the  blind..." [ref mat 15:14]

Or is He trying to draw attention to the fact that we are among enemies?   After some consideration, it seems possible that because we are surrounded by wolves, jumping up and down shouting "ima sheep!  ima sheep!"  may not be the best strategy.    This is a war.   Earth is a battlefield.   Our weapons se not carnal.  see, until HE comes back, the wolves don't care about the sheep's Shepherd, the wolves just eat sheep.   By saying this i in no way suggest you hide your faith, or make secret your walk with and allegiance to the Messiah.. i simply referring to hope we can be most useful in His army.  Though we do in a certain sense tread the narrow way alone, we are notcalled to be lone rangers.  The Master set the precedence by sending at least two together on missions.

call it being in the right place at the right time if you want to, it works for me and seems to happen with increasing frequency.  i think its JAHs job to lead us to other sheep.   we seem to know each other when we meet.   i don't think we're supposed to follow each other, though some work together, for blessing we'll sometimes help each other along the Way.   the world does everything ass-backwards, and its easy to complain, "why doesn't anyone question the stupidity?!"   well, they believe lies..  why that is the conundrum of sin.  
i've found freedom is not perceived in despair but in love.
the fight is in the mind first.  we must choose the kingdom first.  choices are seen in actions but they are made in the mind first. 

the more time goes on i find YAHs timing is perfect. 

i also find myself with chronic martha syndrome in the past few weeks.  right now it seems easier to stay busy than face ... what i wonder?  i don't even know.   i'm an addict in recovery, but i'm rather addicted to work.  work is usually good, like breathing we are designed to do it, but like anything, it can be abused.  i am very capable of charging through the day from task to project to chore into the night until tiredly mumbling thankyou and goodnight on my knees for maybe a few seconds before laying the rest of the way down to slumber.  only to jump up and straight into more chores in the morning.. i definitely feel like i can think better when i'm working.  its one of the keys to a peaceful mind i've found:  keep hands busy!    but there is a feeling of wrestling, i'm wrestling away from, and of asking why do i resist what i want to know so well?   taking time to do the dishes, and household chores is all good, but if not even 10 minutes can be found to sit at HIS feet and read (eat) HIS words, to get some spiritual food.. then whats even the point of doing the rest?  Salvation isn't by works, and from works we all sometimes do need a rest, mostly because works can fool us.. give us something to look at and think, "aha! see this?"..  see what?  see HIM?  its HIS!

oreganization is important.  domination is evil.  JAH is organized. i trust HIM to organize us.  in the mean time i'm hungry.

i've heard the systemites are a bunch of educated idiots.  you don't want to stand out in babylon.  once you get their attention, they will either want to use you or kill you.  i hope you'll forgive any "errors" as this is a new trail.

where is the line between testimony and tooting your own horn?  answer pending.

until next time, i'll be (patiently) waiting for YAH to get us all on the same page.  by continuing to listen more and speak less.   and learning to stay in time.  present.  here. now. today. exiting babylon.

PRAISE YAH!  loving life finally!  can't hardly wait for the reunion in the sky.  o time go by.

peace and love in HIS service

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

virtual prisons present reality

"they didn't have time to read it because they were too busy buying a shovel for their farmville"

i heard my own laughter after hearing this statement today. 
the kind of laughter that starts out sweet
because something strikes you as funny
and that feels good,
but then quickly morphs and fizzles
into a weird hammering sense of.. 
wow that's not even funny when you think about it. 
or it would be, if it weren't so true or fatal. 
weird feeling. 
weird feeling about an even weirder virtual reality. 
a virtual reality that actually keeps people PRETENDING to live,
instead of just living. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

recent tidbits

::i am trying to learn how to forsake or lose expectations and assumptions. the purpose is to develop a more ready attitude for the unspecific, rather than the specific.   i learned that things like frustration, annoyance, disappointment and similar feelings are actually self-generated and self-fueled, and thereby totally avoidable with nothing different but a mind-set.  our minds are very powerful i'm also discovering, and often looking at something the right way unlocks it::  

::i saw this book called  "tao of pooh" and i didn't read it, but the back cover had pictures of winnie the pooh characters and statements like, "while piglet frets, and owl calculates, and eeyore plans,, etc, ... pooh just is"  .  anyway something about it seemed important, and learning to just be in the moment, present in the moment, not off in the past or vain imaginings of the future, but here awake in the now.::

::praise YAH, i've had a breakthrough and finally understand what it means to repent.  i'd always hear it, and think do i feel bad enough about that or this sin, is that what it means? and now i find it simply means to change!  to stop unrighteous behaviors/attitudes and do things differently than before.  now i think duh, but hey.. halleluyah, understanding this was so helpful.::

greetings earthlings

greetings in the name of Yahushua the Messiah.
i am just one messenger among many.  
is that a good way to start off?
i don't know. 
i don't know a lot. 

i know i trust Yah. 
that's what this is really about. 
i learned that Yah is calling all angels. 
i learned that angels is just Greek for "messengers". 
i learned these earth-angels are given a message.

a message to tell the world about the Creator Yah,
to tell them to worship Him, Who made them and all.
a message to tell the world about babylon,
to expose the dark forces at work. 
and a message to warn the world
not to take the mark of earthly government
headed by a mortal man.

the message of these angel-messengers will be
the final one given to earth inhabitants. 
already the countdown has begun. 

i am in the process of becoming more like a child. 
with children simple is better. 
it's a working progress.  
i've learned things go smoother at a slower pace. 
the good fight is fought with extreme patience. 

i am also becoming a woman. 
this taking even more patience. 

like many of Yah's servants before me
i make my exodus from spiritual babylon,
and the anti-love poisons it tempts with.  
this blog will be about this exodus. 
Yah is my Moses, Yahushua is my Shepherd,
i shall not want.  praise Yah!!

i feel the urge to write anyway. 
there is a compelling urge to share. 
maybe someone will understand. 
maybe someone will be inspired or comforted. 
maybe i will be comforted.   

again, i don't know who this is for. 
we'll see. 
please pray for me and my brethren here.

i'll be praying for you, whoever you are.