exit babylon

exit babylon
last chance to exit babylon

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

the rabbit trail

before it started
there was a trigger
i cannot remember
though the thought after i can
"media creates language"

a curiosity about the word media
eclipsed by an obsession
for the phrase come to mind
that sparked the whole thing off
it was some metaphor, idiom or cliche
that i realized started with someone
that i found fit in with media being plural for medium
o the parallels, and crossing synchronicity
prepackaged phrases that come at ease
having deeper meaning
because they express something we can relate to

and then there it was
a rabbit trail
come full circle

Friday, May 26, 2017

prayer (shalom AbbaYah)

see right now
i'm not sure
if it's safe in my head
You say be still
when the chaos is overwhelming
yet here You are
my Peace, shalom AbbaYah
Yah help me
show people how much i love them.
if You answer this prayer
by default i'll see
how much i love myself.
shut down the chatter of the mind
help me zero in
on the Love, the Light, the Truth
Shalom AbbaYah, Love Endless.
everlasting praise
for every minute

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

we don't clock out

we're on all the time,
there is no clocking out.
there are no set hours,
it might be day, it might be night,
watchman, look out.
when you're awake, you work.
there may not be a paycheck
to account for the time;
but it is counted..
like the hairs on a head.
no number is an accident.
life is mathematical precision
all around us.
some find in the anomalies
enough improbabilities
to give them proof.
and isn't that ironic.