exit babylon

exit babylon
last chance to exit babylon

Friday, October 28, 2016

even if it hurts shine the Light

It's me
who so often hinders
the flow of relationships in my life.
I know this.
I want to change this.
I usually feel helpless.
But I'm not.
Helpless ever.
I choose this.
Whatever it is
How I see it
Creates the perception
How I see it
And without wisdom,
Only darkness.
When I cannot
I bid you shine the Light.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


God I'm a hypocrite.
I want people to trust me.
But I don't trust You.
Not fully anyway.
The proofs in the pudding
When I make my own way.

Regardless of me,
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

It breaks my heart more than it makes me angry

if it's still here in the morning
it'll be a miracle
when this runs down,
once this tape's played out
we will surely know where we each stand
Sure you think we do
But till then who are you to curse?
Who are you to curse?

Come home.
Please come home
Family. We are. It's true.
To our heart where we're connected
Body soul mind all

Got my cookies tossed
a couple a times
Met a bunch a blurry folk
who danced a lot a different stuff
Some to avoid the elephants in their life
Others played a tune like they fed on strife
The conflict made them glad
But when they recognized it
It made them sad
Endless cycles. Void of happiness.
Why would anyone
choose this?

The ultimate guess what
Someone had been using them all along
But not the one they suspected
his name they didn't know yet
We never knew quite what to expect
So somehow we started expecting
everything to turn into shit
I realized I never let go myself
I agonized, stressed and medicated.
Acted. Like a child lashing out..
Letting experience show..
just how far the boundaries may go.........

Will you be there when I fail ?

It's not fair. I know. The pressure.
To perform to my expectations
But the delusion fits
It makes more and more sense
We're beaten down
Lost all our ground
A child cries out
Falling from the nest
Not knowing
How to fly.
Yah is there all the time
His cradle like nothing my tongue could describe

And all I can do
Is hope
You get it too.