exit babylon

exit babylon
last chance to exit babylon

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

virtual prisons present reality

"they didn't have time to read it because they were too busy buying a shovel for their farmville"

i heard my own laughter after hearing this statement today. 
the kind of laughter that starts out sweet
because something strikes you as funny
and that feels good,
but then quickly morphs and fizzles
into a weird hammering sense of.. 
wow that's not even funny when you think about it. 
or it would be, if it weren't so true or fatal. 
weird feeling. 
weird feeling about an even weirder virtual reality. 
a virtual reality that actually keeps people PRETENDING to live,
instead of just living. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

recent tidbits

::i am trying to learn how to forsake or lose expectations and assumptions. the purpose is to develop a more ready attitude for the unspecific, rather than the specific.   i learned that things like frustration, annoyance, disappointment and similar feelings are actually self-generated and self-fueled, and thereby totally avoidable with nothing different but a mind-set.  our minds are very powerful i'm also discovering, and often looking at something the right way unlocks it::  

::i saw this book called  "tao of pooh" and i didn't read it, but the back cover had pictures of winnie the pooh characters and statements like, "while piglet frets, and owl calculates, and eeyore plans,, etc, ... pooh just is"  .  anyway something about it seemed important, and learning to just be in the moment, present in the moment, not off in the past or vain imaginings of the future, but here awake in the now.::

::praise YAH, i've had a breakthrough and finally understand what it means to repent.  i'd always hear it, and think do i feel bad enough about that or this sin, is that what it means? and now i find it simply means to change!  to stop unrighteous behaviors/attitudes and do things differently than before.  now i think duh, but hey.. halleluyah, understanding this was so helpful.::

greetings earthlings

greetings in the name of Yahushua the Messiah.
i am just one messenger among many.  
is that a good way to start off?
i don't know. 
i don't know a lot. 

i know i trust Yah. 
that's what this is really about. 
i learned that Yah is calling all angels. 
i learned that angels is just Greek for "messengers". 
i learned these earth-angels are given a message.

a message to tell the world about the Creator Yah,
to tell them to worship Him, Who made them and all.
a message to tell the world about babylon,
to expose the dark forces at work. 
and a message to warn the world
not to take the mark of earthly government
headed by a mortal man.

the message of these angel-messengers will be
the final one given to earth inhabitants. 
already the countdown has begun. 

i am in the process of becoming more like a child. 
with children simple is better. 
it's a working progress.  
i've learned things go smoother at a slower pace. 
the good fight is fought with extreme patience. 

i am also becoming a woman. 
this taking even more patience. 

like many of Yah's servants before me
i make my exodus from spiritual babylon,
and the anti-love poisons it tempts with.  
this blog will be about this exodus. 
Yah is my Moses, Yahushua is my Shepherd,
i shall not want.  praise Yah!!

i feel the urge to write anyway. 
there is a compelling urge to share. 
maybe someone will understand. 
maybe someone will be inspired or comforted. 
maybe i will be comforted.   

again, i don't know who this is for. 
we'll see. 
please pray for me and my brethren here.

i'll be praying for you, whoever you are.