exit babylon

exit babylon
last chance to exit babylon

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

greetings earthlings

greetings in the name of Yahushua the Messiah.
i am just one messenger among many.  
is that a good way to start off?
i don't know. 
i don't know a lot. 

i know i trust Yah. 
that's what this is really about. 
i learned that Yah is calling all angels. 
i learned that angels is just Greek for "messengers". 
i learned these earth-angels are given a message.

a message to tell the world about the Creator Yah,
to tell them to worship Him, Who made them and all.
a message to tell the world about babylon,
to expose the dark forces at work. 
and a message to warn the world
not to take the mark of earthly government
headed by a mortal man.

the message of these angel-messengers will be
the final one given to earth inhabitants. 
already the countdown has begun. 

i am in the process of becoming more like a child. 
with children simple is better. 
it's a working progress.  
i've learned things go smoother at a slower pace. 
the good fight is fought with extreme patience. 

i am also becoming a woman. 
this taking even more patience. 

like many of Yah's servants before me
i make my exodus from spiritual babylon,
and the anti-love poisons it tempts with.  
this blog will be about this exodus. 
Yah is my Moses, Yahushua is my Shepherd,
i shall not want.  praise Yah!!

i feel the urge to write anyway. 
there is a compelling urge to share. 
maybe someone will understand. 
maybe someone will be inspired or comforted. 
maybe i will be comforted.   

again, i don't know who this is for. 
we'll see. 
please pray for me and my brethren here.

i'll be praying for you, whoever you are.