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exit babylon
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

how does a sheep work among wolves?

*note* This old post is in the process of being updated, to make clearer that which could be easily misunderstood..

Yahushua says He sends us out as sheep among wolves. 

Is He telling us to get the wolves attention?  Is He asking the sheep to "wake" the wolves up?  To try to stop them?  Change them?  

"Let them alone.  They are blind leaders of the  blind..." [ref mat 15:14]

Or is He trying to draw attention to the fact that we are among enemies?   After some consideration, it seems possible that because we are surrounded by wolves, jumping up and down shouting "ima sheep!  ima sheep!"  may not be the best strategy.    This is a war.   Earth is a battlefield.   Our weapons se not carnal.  see, until HE comes back, the wolves don't care about the sheep's Shepherd, the wolves just eat sheep.   By saying this i in no way suggest you hide your faith, or make secret your walk with and allegiance to the Messiah.. i simply referring to hope we can be most useful in His army.  Though we do in a certain sense tread the narrow way alone, we are notcalled to be lone rangers.  The Master set the precedence by sending at least two together on missions.

call it being in the right place at the right time if you want to, it works for me and seems to happen with increasing frequency.  i think its JAHs job to lead us to other sheep.   we seem to know each other when we meet.   i don't think we're supposed to follow each other, though some work together, for blessing we'll sometimes help each other along the Way.   the world does everything ass-backwards, and its easy to complain, "why doesn't anyone question the stupidity?!"   well, they believe lies..  why that is the conundrum of sin.  
i've found freedom is not perceived in despair but in love.
the fight is in the mind first.  we must choose the kingdom first.  choices are seen in actions but they are made in the mind first. 

the more time goes on i find YAHs timing is perfect. 

i also find myself with chronic martha syndrome in the past few weeks.  right now it seems easier to stay busy than face ... what i wonder?  i don't even know.   i'm an addict in recovery, but i'm rather addicted to work.  work is usually good, like breathing we are designed to do it, but like anything, it can be abused.  i am very capable of charging through the day from task to project to chore into the night until tiredly mumbling thankyou and goodnight on my knees for maybe a few seconds before laying the rest of the way down to slumber.  only to jump up and straight into more chores in the morning.. i definitely feel like i can think better when i'm working.  its one of the keys to a peaceful mind i've found:  keep hands busy!    but there is a feeling of wrestling, i'm wrestling away from, and of asking why do i resist what i want to know so well?   taking time to do the dishes, and household chores is all good, but if not even 10 minutes can be found to sit at HIS feet and read (eat) HIS words, to get some spiritual food.. then whats even the point of doing the rest?  Salvation isn't by works, and from works we all sometimes do need a rest, mostly because works can fool us.. give us something to look at and think, "aha! see this?"..  see what?  see HIM?  its HIS!

oreganization is important.  domination is evil.  JAH is organized. i trust HIM to organize us.  in the mean time i'm hungry.

i've heard the systemites are a bunch of educated idiots.  you don't want to stand out in babylon.  once you get their attention, they will either want to use you or kill you.  i hope you'll forgive any "errors" as this is a new trail.

where is the line between testimony and tooting your own horn?  answer pending.

until next time, i'll be (patiently) waiting for YAH to get us all on the same page.  by continuing to listen more and speak less.   and learning to stay in time.  present.  here. now. today. exiting babylon.

PRAISE YAH!  loving life finally!  can't hardly wait for the reunion in the sky.  o time go by.

peace and love in HIS service

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