exit babylon

exit babylon
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

freewill and the return to innocence

freewill, to use or abuse
everyone has freewill to do whatever
this is the truth
you could call this "will"  LIFE
life is a gift, you got it for free
you cannot deny you have it, reasonably
you may choose to use your freewill to do good
YaHUaH will allow those that do to keep doing so
He will allow (He lives with)
they that will act in love to ALL others
they are those who will live

its ok to question authority
those willing to receive the Truth will be happy with freewill

freewill can do anything it chooses
to be aware of the consequences is healthy..
when you've seen the worst freewill can do
just look around.. see the trash, perversion and violence?
all are the result of freewill

why we need YAH to guide us, is obvious now
YAH can do anything, but He only does what is GOOD for everyone
be like Him and live

Yahushua the Messiah returns soon
peace and love in His service
please come with us
we are zion