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Friday, June 6, 2014

mental constipation

photo credit: Daniella Koontz
Babies cry usually because they have some sort of need to express but cannot communicate it. i've thought a lot recently about how i feel like that baby unable to speak of what is going on inside.. only i think it's more frustrating now because i have a language, i have a vocabulary, i actually know how to talk; so why is it so hard to get the thoughts and ideas in my head out my mouth?? Language fails me, my vocabulary falls short; communication is HARD. Sometimes talking to someone who speaks the same language feels like we may as well be from different planets, sure we can understand the words being said, but there is still no communication happening! i'll encounter something that in my spirit i know is wrong but i can't for the life of me explain why. i talk to Yah and end up in tears, having so much in my heart that desires to get out but lacking the ability to put it into words. i ask Him, i admit i've even screamed it, WHY CAN'T i COMMUNICATE? It's like having mental constipation where that which is in is stuck though it wants, it yearns, it needs to get out. Help Yah, O please help me.


  1. I have the same problem and it is costing me my marriage. I hope you can find the answer!

    1. i'm grateful for your photo, and i appreciate your comment Daniella, though i'm sorry to hear about the marriage troubles. . i will definitely lift up you and your husband up in prayer. ♡