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exit babylon
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Saturday, December 20, 2014


i've decided to start keeping a dream journal again.  this seems like the best place to keep it, and the easiest way to record them since typing is faster than handwriting them out like i used to do.  i may update these entries with interpretations, if i receive any. 

dreams from babylon's 2014/12/18, tZion's 26th night of the moon:

~ Saw high-school classmates, Liz E. and others.

~ Liz and i got food (she got gigantic slices of pizza) at a to-go counter-type place, she had some small children (her's i think) with her. i took a bite of the pepperoni pizza then realized what i was chewing on and tried to spit it out, even though i did spit it out, i found it still in my mouth. 

~ Used some kind of sword-like implement, swinging it rapidly overhead in a circular motion until it actually began functioning like a helicopter lifting me up off the ground, and i flew. 

~ Darkened room with theater seating, lots of people; facing the back of the room i turned to the left moving down the top row of seats towards what looked like empty seats in the corner, when i got there it turned out they were not all empty, a unknown male sat in the last one, so i sat next to him. We talked. i told him about flying helicopter-like with the sword experience, he was very interested. Later while walking in a crowd somewhere i felt stressed by my lack of friends in the crowd (those i knew seemed to be ignoring me, moving away from me, feelings: rejection, loneliness), when suddenly that same male came up beside me and i felt better. 

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