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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

the big short, 2015 film

Chasing the carrot.

Isn't it the point of playing the game to win?  In the game Monopoly one sometimes spent essentially all their money - investment capital ;P - to put up hotels on property in hopes someone else would lose theirs by landing on it before the ruse was up, and for all the apparent wealth of property, they themselves were found without the funds to cover the cost arising from progressing some spaces further across the board.  It was a gamble, a wager, and a pathetic hope.  It may have paid off, but for what end?  The goal was to win. 

Isn't the point of playing the housing market game to win?  Yes one may lose their soul playing the game (Mark 8:36) but leaving the spiritual realm aside for a moment (not that it isn't relevant and important, but) for the purpose of objectively digging for a deeper understanding than simply scratching the surface, finding filth and disregarding it just because it's judged unclean, thereby missing some lesson from it's rearing it's ugly head. 

By learn something i don't mean how to play the game, or chase the carrot.  i don't even know what i'm really chasing after here, i just feel compelled there is something here to dig for; so i'm digging.

“And our Lord praised the evil steward, because he acted wisely, for “The children of this world in this their generation are wiser than the children of light.” Luke 16:8.

The people coming for the loans were chasing the proverbial carrot.  The people writing the loans were chasing the same carrot.  The people selling and buying the loans were chasing the carrot.  A few guys saw the implosion coming and made their move accordingly.  Were they cheating the game, or playing it?  The game itself is inherently flawed, a false paradigm.  Does it make any individual evil just because he played the game (wisely?) to his own advantage?  Maybe. 

Maybe they were like the jackass “real estate” brokers portrayed in the film, who were allowed, possibly even encouraged, by those above them to market “real estate” to greedy pretenders, attracted to “buying” homes they couldn’t afford like moths to a flame.  Maybe the moron-moths thought they could “flip it",  or refinance before their ruse was up; maybe some believed that since they worked hard they“deserved” the big impractical home of their dreams. 

tangent: how funny is the term “real estate”?!!; real in what sense!?; in that it’s real physical dwellings on real dirt? because it’s definitely not real in the sense of REALLY obtaining it, for the contracted slave it is marketed to.

Maybe all the players were caught in a net they couldn't see, because they were blind.  Oblivious the game is an illusion, a pipe dream, a man-made construct doomed to failure.  They just hoped they'd win.  Are the blind evil for their blunder?.. Maybe. 

They were all just playing the game, chase the carrot.  Were they taught it?  All i know is that they chose it. 

Note: The monopoly board game example at the start, with, within it's own world of tangible money and property, doesn't accurately depict the far more complex banking and mortgage house of cards man has built. 

Another note: Is the game bad?  ..That isn't the point..


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