exit babylon

exit babylon
last chance to exit babylon

Monday, November 7, 2016

don't and do's

dizzy only seems today
like shes lost her dollar at the dollar store
because she exists in another place
in a different Way
this physical existence
originally designed for pleasure
before corruption entered in
with an adversary, a serpent and sin

satan’s leading of the veering began
confusion, babylon
we’re here now
but the carnal plane is decaying rapidly
as we die we go forward
where we can’t see
some hanging on to hopelessness, arrogance, or worse;
but some go forth on promises,
an urgency
that just makes sense

what are we doing with our time
are we wasting it on the flesh?
carnal, cancers, winter is coming
and fear’s constant plea

please Yah help us do this right
help us unite
head, body, limb, hand
before we’re out of time
You’re plan
it is done

You give us peace
in the midst of even this


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